ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)
ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)
ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)
ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)
ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)

ATACLETE Military Jet-Style Fins (SCUBA FINS)

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The Jet fin is arguably the most proven and tested fin design ever created. Suited for SCUBA, snorkeling, and is the primary "Go To" design by Military services worldwide. Perfect for rugged military training/ operations, the Jet fin has proven it's worth time and time again for over half a century.

  • PROVEN DESIGN — Proven & Sturdy design is long-lasting and extremely durable.
  • MILITARY'S CHOICE — Preferred choice for US Military & Special Operations Forces (SEALs, Special Forces, MARSOC, Combat Controllers, PJs, Coast Guard & Navy Rescue Swimmers)
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE — Curved blade, and vent design for better propulsion with each kick.
  • OPEN HEEL- Open heel style is designed to wear with dive boots.





XL: 44~46 (11~13) US Mens

L: 42~44 (8~10) US Mens

M: 40~42 (5~7) US Mens

From The Sunken Depths to The Surface, The Military's Deep Sea Guardians Rise Above The Abyss.


These timeless fins remain a military favorite - The choice for Spec-War Selection Courses And Overall Training

ATACLETE'S Leviathan Jet Fin is a well-established and popular fin design in the diving community, known for its power, durability, and recognizable rubber construction.

Designed nearly 50 years ago, it remains prevalent among various types of divers, from tech divers to dive instructors and special operators. Its vented design minimizes drag on the upstroke and maximizes thrust on the downstroke, providing optimal power and maneuverability.

Virtually any C-card carrier will know immediately when 'JET FIN' is mentioned. 

Despite numerous attempts at duplication, choose the brand the military trusts- ATACLETE.

DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT Waste MONTHS sort of "training" for the pipeline just to get to Selection and be blindsided by all the events and exercises. 

Running in the bag? Running is easy
Swimming in the bag? Swimming is easy, maybe fix your form a little.
Calisthenics in the bag? Cals are Easy

What about finning 1000's of meters with solid rubber Mil-spec Fins?

If your body isn't accustomed to Mil-spec Fins, your quads, feet, ankles, and shins will hate you for it, and your time at selection just got that much more difficult

Master Selection: Train With Authentic Gear

If you are focusing on drown-proofing and water survival for either A&S or open water swimming, it's imperative to practice in the same way you will perform.

The use of fins during training not only recreates the exact conditions you'll face, but also enhances the specific skills and stamina required.

Prepare your arches and tendons so that they'll be ready for the brutal beating they will take during selection.

By navigating the water with this gear, you'll get a realistic grasp of your potential- a key factor in triumphing in your selection course.

Master the Art of Survival: Practicing with Authentic Gear

When it comes to drown-proofing and water survival, it's crucial to train as you would perform.

Practicing with fins, a mask, and a snorkel not only simulates the real-world conditions you'll face but also builds the specific skills and stamina needed.

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Navigating A&S Success: It Begins and Ends with You.

Navigating A&S Success: It Begins and Ends with You.

A testament to the invaluable role that personal initiative plays in your overall achievement.

Your journey's success largely depends on how effectively you utilize the tools available to you.

It's about preparing the best that you can and when all else fails bouncing back from setbacks, adapting to change, and persisting in the face of difficulties.

So start today...

Excellence In All You Do

You weren't born to settle for good enough. You're here to excel, to be the best.

That requires stretching yourself beyond what's comfortable. 

Each morning, ask yourself, 'What can I do to progress today?' Then, act. No diversions. No lamenting. Just resilience.

Then repeat everyday making sure you follow through. No hesitations. No complaints. Just grit.

Because if you're not ready to withstand, you're not ready to achieve.

Why choose us?

Build to LAST.

Ataclete Dive Masks and Fins come with our standard Lifetime Warranty. Don't Sweat the Wear and Tear.


Customer Reviews

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S. Roane

ATACLETE: Running a business, like many businesses their is guidelines, criteria, and metrics to meet and adhere to. ATACLETE, what separates them from other businesses is that they do the common things uncommonly well. Mastered the foundation of what running a good and service means. That doesn't feel like a capitalistic scheme. Helping grow future LOE,Military, Fire services and they do that in excellence.

Thank you.

Patrick McNichol
Great fins!

Just got them - sized down one size. I wear a 10, but purchased size 9 booties - fits perfectly.

Jet fins

I ordered the jet fins and they came in very quick so I get my fin swims in. The fin’s itself are very durable and good quality.

Geoffry Cichocki

Shipping was fast and on time, equipment arrived in good condition. Works as described.

Kyle Fine
Solid fin’s

Great option at a good price. Can’t beat the durability and performance

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