Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited
Apex - Unlimited

Apex - Unlimited

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Looking To Take Your Performance To The Next Level?

Apex – Unlimited, a specialized supplement for the unique challenges of tactical athletes. No matter if you're in the heat of the field, powerlifting, or gearing up for an MMA skirmish, Apex – Unlimited is here to amplify your strength, supercharge your energy, and turbo-boost your endurance. 

An ATACLETE exclusive, this isn't your typical run of the mill supplement. Biochemically developed from the start, with the aim being results. The use of delayed-release capsules with Bioperine ensures superior absorption for maximum benefits. Ensuring that your body gets the maximum result from each dose.

This is just one of the ways ATACLETE is committed to delivering top-tier supplements that go above and beyond the current market standard.

Above all it is WADA Compliant & 100% NATURAL.


  • Increased Energy & Endurance
  • Recover Faster Between Sets
  • Increased Strength
  • Last Longer and Train Harder


The only supplement in the market designed for water-con training. Apex - Unlimited has been shown to enhance oxygen partitioning and utilization. What does this mean? Boost your aerobic capacity at the cellular level. Imagine a smoother and more relaxed water-con training session. Longer underwaters with shorter intervals—harness the true power of oxygen.


Relying on caffeine and pre-workouts can be detrimental when you're out in the field. The combination of heat, dehydration, and an elevated heart rate is far from ideal. Apex, however, operates differently, honing in at the molecular level to boost energy reserves. This enhancement leads to an increase in both your aerobic capacity and strength - a feat that's typically hard to achieve. With Apex, however, it's a different story. Now, there's no need to ask, 'who's gonna carry the boats?'"


Picture yourself going beyond your usual limits, squeezing in a few more sets. With Apex at your side, your body receives optimal protection against excessive damage while also boosting muscle recovery. You might think you've hit your last set, but with Apex, you'll discover there's still more fuel left to burn.


That creeping fatigue that gradually saps the strength from each grapple, each punch. But with Apex on your side, take a breath, relax, and fix your gaze on the prize. This time, it's your thoughts that stand in your way, not your body. You're primed and ready for action - the only obstacle is the one you create within.


Get ready to load up the bar, adding just a bit more weight, continuously pushing your boundaries. As you dig deep and lift, you squeeze out another rep. But you're far from finished - there's more you can tap into. Add another two, and stand by. Apex's focus on optimal oxygen partitioning and energy use, coupled with advanced protein synthesis, ensures you reap the benefits of elevated performance now and speedy recovery later. Let's hit it.



Why choose us?

Build to LAST.

Ataclete Dive Masks and Fins come with our standard Lifetime Warranty. Don't Sweat the Wear and Tear.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Solid stuff solid shop

The order was precise and the purchased goods of the highest quality. I would reccomend this business.


Fast easy shipping, can’t wait to see the results of this product.

Jackson Holmes
Great product!

Really liking this product so far. Feel stronger and recover faster

Mike Y.
Strangely Awesome

So, originally pretty skeptical. Cool name though. But very skeptical. Not gonna lie, I took it and it honestly didn't feel like anything. So if you're expecting a stim like feel this is not it. HOWEVER! Things did happen. It is so difficult to explain, but it's super clean and smooth. The energy portion they talk about. I train for strength a lot, usually my reps are around 4-6 per set. I found myself doing 10 reps. I found this rather odd and chucked it up to nothing, that is until my deadlift came. Usually I would struggle on the 4th rep, and I mean like fighting for everything that is life. That's not what happened, I was actually able to squeeze out one more. Overall, my training session went great. Usually I'll be drained after something like this, especially being able to really push out a few more, but not this time. I felt like I was still fresh and ready to go, which was great because then I had to go to work. No don't get me wrong, I don't mean fresh and ready to go as in my body was good. Quite the opposite, my body was trashed, I could really feel that I had pushed my muscle fibers pretty far. It felt pretty good to have pushed to that level, which is also why the next part is so surprising. I had no sluggishness or brain fog, which is typical after training at that intensity. So work went great. One thing I did notice is that I got very light headaches at the beginning of taking Apex. It was minimal and barely noticeable. I also got super hungry. That's even an understatement, I would eat and I was hungry an hour later. Which I think is were the recovery part came into play. I would expect my body to take days to recover from my training session. If you've trained for strength and endurance, you know it takes 3-5 days for your body to fully recuperate. It's definitely slashed that. My run has become faster over the last month as well. I can talk at lengths about Apex, which is why I'm taking the time to write this review. I truly have never come across a product like this. After taking it for a few weeks I can honestly say hands down I'll be subscribing. I would make one suggestion, I found taking it an hour before a training session provides a better result. May be placebo, but that's really what I found works best for me. Anyways, good job team keep pushing the bar in the supplement industry.

Drug Test

Feeling good and more recovered each day with this. Wish it had a disclaimer for drug tests, not sure if it shows up on military/civilian ones. Other than that product is great 👍🏻

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