Trent was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains. He was a typical teenager, enthusiastic soccer player, terrible college student, and an average Air Force Trainee. While attending Weather Tech school, a few barrel-chested freedom fighters stopped by and showed him the path to SOWT. Trent received his beret in March of 2006. He was then deployed to Afghanistan in July 2006. After his first deployment Trent was sent to Advanced Skills Training (AST) at Hurlburt Field. While attending AST he met and fell in love with his future wife. She’s the best. After Trent’s second deployment he was married and sent off to AETC to stand up the new SOWT training pipeline. It was a good learning experience…

Upon returning to the operational side of the house Trent completed 3 more deployments and was the first SOWT to be assigned to the 7 SFG CRF. By this time Trent had a Family. He went back to AETC. During his time in AETC he worked with the students in between pipeline courses, was an Instructor Supervisor at the CCT/SOWT Selection Course, helped stand up the Special Warfare Prep Course, and is worked to stand up the inaugural Special Reconnaissance pipeline. With over 18 years in the Air Force Trent is now focused on leaving the community in a better place.