Peaches was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.  After graduating high school at the age of 17 he headed off to U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training to become a Pararescueman.  He longed for the adrenaline the job demanded and wanted to be part of something larger than himself.  While going through the pipeline's Indoctrination selection course, he discovered Combat Control and switched jobs while in the pipeline.  While in the pipeline, the 9/11 attacks happened and Peaches was soon deployed to Afghanistan several months later.  During his deployment to OEF in 2002, the nation was getting ready to invade Iraq for OIF in 2003. Peaches redeployed from OEF and then quick turned to go to OIF.  Soon after returning from OIF, he moved to the United Kingdom.  While in the UK, he met his wife Donna and they had two children, Freya and Wyatt.  Peaches has had a colorful career in Special Tactics with 11 deployments and continues to do the job of a Combat Controller.

In 2008 he met two of his business partners Brian Silva and Aaron Love to which they immediately hit it off.  They continued to train and deploy while stationed in the United Kingdom, traveling Europe and creating chaos everywhere they went.  In 2017, Brian Silva created How To Be A PJ® and found great success and a gap in the market.  In 2019, Brian brought on Peaches, Aaron, Trent, and Nikki to create Ones Ready, providing unparalleled information and consulting via podcast and special events specific to the Special Operations community.