Care and Maintenance of your Dive Mask

Care During the Dive:

When entering the water either from a boat or a beachplace a hand over the lens of your dive mask and hold it firmly in placeThis will help secure/make sure of your mask stays in place during entry and will help avoid any direct hit/effect of water on the lens caused by the jump into the water or any approaching waves.

traditional staging area for dives is dangerous place for dive masks. Be sure not to leave your dive mask in an area where tanks, weighted belts or any other heavy items could potentially be dropped on the mask.

It is best to avoid putting your mask on your forehead during dive at any time. Several factors can cause the mask to be dislodged on your forehead, and then lost. If you want to take the mask off your face momentarily, place the mask around your neck.


Care After the Dive:

Rinse thoroughly with fresh warm water to dissolve salt crystals and towel dry before final storage.


Store in a dry, cool and protected place away from direct sunlight.



Avoid any contact with alcohol, oil, gasoline, aerosols, or chemical solvents.

Do not expose any part to aerosol spray, as some aerosol propellants attack or degrade rubber and plastic materials.

Do not use any type of alcohol, solvent or petroleum based substances to clean or lubricate any part.

Do not store your equipment near any oil, gasoline, chemicals, or solvents.