“I started off going to college on a grant after high school and felt as though I was not doing anything worthwhile with my life. I felt as if I had no direction so, I enlisted in the USAF to be a PJ in 2005. I wanted more out of my life and felt like I was meant to be more than just a person with a college degree in something I was not passionate about. I went to recruiters from every branch of the military and decided to join Pararescue because I love the mission. No matter what, as a PJ you are going to save lives… and that resonated with me.

My first duty station was the 321st Special Tactics Squadron in RAF Mildenhall, England where I first met Peach and Aaron. From there I went to the 58th RQS Nellis AFB NV, and 350th Battlefield Airman Training Squadron JBSA Lackland TX where I worked with Trent. While stationed at JBSA Lackland, I was honored to be the Instructor Supervisor, be able to instill the PJ mentality in the students going through the Pararescue Indoctrination Course, and had the opportunity to re-write the lesson plans for the course in 2018. I have deployed 8 times around the globe supporting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and multiple countries in Africa and Europe. I hold 2 AS degrees in Military and Instructional Sciences and Personnel recovery, Bachelor of Science degree, and recently earned my Master of Physician Assistant Studies… all while on Active Duty status.

Helping those looking to get into the career field has become my passion and I will utilize my 14 years of experience as a PJ Team Leader, student, and instructor to pass on the lessons I have learned. In 2017 I founded How To Be a PJ, and have helped thousands of people reach beyond their perceived limits through my workout programs and training events, and have helped MANY get through Assessment & Selection. In fact, 20% of the selectees from the last A&S class personally reached out to me to thank me for my workout programs and events. I can’t wait to help even more people reach their potential with ONES READY.” -Brian