What is a USAF Pararescueman and what exactly do they do? | ATACLETE

What is a USAF Pararescueman and what exactly do they do? | ATACLETE


What is an Air Force Pararescueman (PJ)?


USAF Pararescuemen (PJs) are highly trained and specialized individuals who conduct a wide range of critical missions in support of the United States Military, and its allies.

Their primary mission is personnel recovery, which includes rescuing and providing medical treatment to injured or stranded personnel in hostile or remote environments, such as behind enemy lines or in the wilderness.

They are also trained to conduct combat search and rescue operations, which involves recovering personnel from enemy-controlled territory.


What do USAF Pararescuemen do?


PJs are trained in a wide range of skills to carry out their mission, including:

  • Advanced medical procedures such as trauma management, surgical procedures and critical care
  • Survival techniques such as evasion, resistance and escape
  • Combat tactics and weapons handling
  • Airborne and air-delivery operations
  • Dive operations
  • Parachuting and free-fall operations
  • Climbing and mountaineering
  • Navigation and communications
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis


PJs are often deployed with other special operations units such as the Air Force Special Tactics Squadrons, US Army Rangers, and Navy SEALs. They may also be called upon to participate in search and rescue operations, humanitarian missions, and other scenarios worldwide.

They are also members of the Air Force's non-aircraft, equipment-based, human weapon system -Guardian Angel. Which has rapidly deployable, global, personnel recovery capabilities.


Overall, their role is to provide lifesaving capabilities and support to a wide range of military and civilian operations 24/7 in every environment.


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