The difference between Navy SEALs and other military units

The difference between Navy SEALs and other military units

The US Navy's Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) team personnel are hand selected, highly trained, and organized special operations force who possess a high degree of proficiency in direct action (DA), and special reconnaissance (SR), among other tasks like sabotage, demolition, intelligence gathering, and hydro-graphic reconnaissance, training, and advising friendly militaries or other forces.

 US Navy SEAL Trident

Depending on the availability of platforms, threat level, and environment, different methods can be used for the insertion and extraction of SEALs into a target location. This could include nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines equipped with dry deck shelters, SDV submarines, surface vessels, surface swimming, or other vehicles


US SOF Zodiak

SEALs prepare extensively for each mission through rigorous physical training exercises that involve swimming, diving, rucking, and running along with simulated combat scenarios in order to maintain proficiency with various weapon systems and modern tactics.

They are also skilled problem solvers capable of thinking quickly on their feet in order to adjust plans when necessary due to changing environments or unexpected developments.

This makes them one of the most versatile special operations units in the world capable of responding quickly in any situation across multiple domains and terrains. This advanced skill set is critical for undertaking high-stakes missions where success depends on readiness and agility.

Navy SEALs have a long history of successful operations dating back to World War II when they were part of US Naval Combat Demolition Units tasked with clearing obstacles before beach landings by allies.

Through their many successes in combat situations throughout history they have gained a reputation as one of the most dependable and successful units within the US armed forces.


Their skillset includes combat swimming/diving techniques; infiltration/exfiltration methods; combat marksmanship; close-quarters combat; rappelling/fast roping techniques; combat patrolling/raiding tactics; electronic warfare techniques; urban warfare tactics; hand-to-hand combat; small arms use and maintenance etc. In addition to these skill sets, they are also well-versed in survival skills such as navigation under difficult conditions and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) training.

Navy SEALs Water Insertion

In recent years the Navy SEALs have seen active service during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq as well as numerous other conflicts around the world such as Afghanistan where they were deployed to hunt down Taliban leaders among other objectives.


They have become renowned for their skill set in unconventional warfare tactics which has earned them praise from both allies and enemies alike. These specialized members of the US armed forces remain some of the most respected warriors on the planet today and continue to be renowned for their unparalleled abilities in modern warfare.




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